Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout/Stone

Did you know that tile & grout/stone are made to be cleaned and sealed every 18 to 36 months? 

We want to remind our customers that when wiping or mopping, remember you are not extracting the dirty water out. The dirty water is being pushed around and eventually gets trapped into the grout lines. This is what causes the grout lines to become dark as time goes because of build up from the dirty water. The surface of your tile may also be affected and with time, look dull also. 

At Priceless Services, our technicians are well equipped with the right tools and solutions to effectively, but safely clean the surface of your tiles, grout lines, or stone. Similar to carpet cleaning, the truck-mount unit is used, but with a higher PSI to get the best results.

Our Procedure

1. Full walk through inspection

2. Test clean a small area

3. Your approval to clean

4. Pre-spray solution 

5. Brush grout and tile/stone

6. Hot water extraction cleaning

7. Re-clean area, if needed

8. Final walk through  

9. Seal 

Call Priceless Services to know about why you get 3Xs BETTER CLEANING with us!


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