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Carpet is used for daily walking, laying, playing, and more. 

Every day, carpet endures the daily use from people, pets, and other things. What gets stuck, stained, or left behind, vacuuming or using over the counter, carpet cleaner solutions, isn’t enough. Nothing beats a professional carpet cleaning! 

At Priceless Services, it is our commitment to perform PROFESSIONALLY, CLEAN getting the best results, and make sure our customers are SATISFIED!

Our skilled technician is prepared to clean your carpet thoroughly, doing the procedures specified on our site. That means, doing more than what a vacuum or over the counter, carpet cleaner solutions do. We use a truck-mount machine that is powerful, but harmless to your carpet, for a deep clean and high quality solutions that are specially made to help make your carpet at its best again.  

Step of Carpet Cleaning

1. Walk through for a full inspection

(check what's on the carpet, listen to any  concerns the customer may have, move anything, only at the customer's request *extra charge applies)

2. Pre-Spray/Pre-Treat

(high quality solution treatment to break down spots, dirt, soils, pet stains, etc.)

3. Hot water cleaning extraction

(steam, deep cleaning)

4. Second treatment, if needed

(at no extra charge, second treatment only on tough spots)

5. Wipe any drip water

(since water is used to help clean, water may drip on tile or wood floors. We make sure to wipe it. 

6. Final walk through

(walk through for customer's satisfaction with our cleaning)


Special of the Month 3Xs Better Cleaning

Call to find out why our cleaning is 3Xs BETTER! 

3-4 Rooms/Area $100.00

(New Customer rate)

Commercial Cleaning Please Call

 Note: *Minimum applies*The price for stairs may differ *Extra charge for condo/apt set up, heavy soil/spots, pet treatment and odor control. 

Pet & Odor Treatment

Pet accidents? Don't worry, we have the BEST QUALITY solution to help you!

 First, we will evaluate the pet accident(s). Next, mix our treatment according to the stains. Then, we will pre-treat all areas and let it soak down for few min's. While it is soaking down, its going to break down the pet accident(s). After a few minutes, we will hot water (steam) clean your pet accident. We promise you will receive the best cleaning results!

Carpet Protection

Priceless Services uses only Scotchgard brand for the best protection. Some of you might ask what is Scotchgard for? 

When the carpet is made new, it is made stain proof or protected. But as the years goes by or cleaning after cleaning the protector will wear off. It is always recommend to have protector re-apply after each cleaning. The protector will help your carpet last longer and better! It will keep soil or spell on top for cleaning and not into your carpet. It keeps dry dust and soil on top for you to clean or vacuum. We promise you it really works or else we will never give it to you! 

Our Guarantee

Before leaving your residence, we will do a final walk through to get your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied we will re-clean right away. Within 5 days you are still not satisfied, call us back to re-clean!

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